Wolverine Basics

Buying personal hygiene products can be a difficult expense for some families and many students can't afford to purchase them. Every week, we have students come in needing something basic like shampoo, deodorant, or tampons. Believe me, a student who is without deodorant stands out in a crowd, and not in a good way. We have programs that provide free lunches and backpacks with food for the weekend, but nothing that helps our students have access to the most basic personal hygiene products.

These kids are not lazy or unprepared. They care about their appearance. They notice when other kids don't want to sit near them at lunch. They don't want to worry about having enough tampons to get through the weekend. They're in need and they can't help it. Yes, it's true that many Glenville-Emmon families can afford these supplies. Out of 120 students 7th grade – 12th grade, perhaps 10-12 are in need. But if we're honest, isn't that too many?

To respond to this need, we are creating a program called "Wolverine basics," housed partly in Mrs. Possin’s clothing closet at both the elementary and  high school social work offices where kids can have access to needed personal hygiene products. Tampons and Pads will also be placed in baskets in the girls’ restroom so they can be accessed discreetly. 

THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN HELP. Please consider donating new, unopened, full-sized products on the list below. You (or your student) can drop them off at either elementary or High School office, or with Mrs. Possin. If you live far away or don't visit the school often, we have set up an Amazon wish list where you can purchase items and have them shipped to the school directly Click here to see wishlist Please ship items to Sheena Possin at 230 5th Street SE, Glenville, MN, 56036. Together, we can show these students that their dignity matters to us.
**Tampons & padspic
Body wash
Face soap
**Lip balm


For more information, please feel free to contact Sheena Possin, K-12 School Social Worker, at (507) 448-2889 or .

**Higher need for these products at this time

Program model after District 2135 “Eagles Extras”