Welcome to Band!
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My name is Zachery Deetz and I'm so glad you've come to check out my page! Here's a little bit about myself:
  • I was born and almost entirely raised in Minnesota, having grown up in Owatonna.
  • I got my Bachelor degree at Gustavus Adolphus College, and my teaching license at Minnesota State University Mankato.
  • My primary instrument is the Bassoon, with my secondary being voice.
E-Learning Instructions, 2/23/23
Continuing on our discussions about dynamic contrast from Tuesday, your assignment today also involves dynamics. Below are three different band pieces for you; you don't have to listen to all of them, only one.
  • Selections from Encanto, arr. Paul Murtha
  • Celtic Air and Dance, arr. Michael Sweeney
  • First Suite in E Flat, by Gustav Holst
All three YouTube video links include copies of the scores, allowing you to see the parts of all instruments.
E-Learning Instructions, cont.
Your task is to listen to one of the three pieces and answer the following questions.
  1. Where in your chosen piece is it the loudest? Where does the dynamic level max out? Provide either measure numbers or a time stamp for the video (ex. "it was loudest at M. 145, at roughly 9:45 in the video).
    1. In case there isn't a clear loudest spot, provide the spot where you think the band should be playing the loudest. AKA, what forte is the most important forte?
  2. Where in your chosen piece is it the quietest? Again, provide either measure numbers or a time stamp.
    1. And again, if there are multiple moments of quiet volume, which one do you think should be the quietest?
  3. How many different dynamic levels are being used in your piece? Is only mezzo forte and forte being used, or are there more?
As with last time, please send me an email at with answers to the above questions. Additionally, as we are supposed to have a band Friday, if we miss school on Friday there will be another E-Learning assignment.