I am still working out all the bugs.  I found out my Seesaw classroom QR code was not working correctly.  To fix this problem I decided to post directly to this page.  Elementary students will have access to my weekly activities they just need to click on the Elementary Social Skills link on the side under quick links.  This week we have a few different areas. If your student would like to share their thoughts/work with me please help them use the dropbox. If you are wondering if your student should participate please watch this video 
what are social skills.  Warning video has horrible music but has good information.

I will be finalizing session days and times. Those will be emailed out to parents and students (if they have email through the school) as soon as tomorrow. In the mean time please do not hesitate to email me with question, concerns or to check in with your child because they want to talk.  I would be more then happy to do all three.

Schoology will still be available to students in 6th grade -12th gradePlease email me for access codes. All students should have received an email contenting this code last week. Some other mental health links are listed below for now but moving forward may move to a quick link on the side soon.

Again please take care of yourself. Right now we are all thinking with a more reactive brain which is increasing stress, anxiety and our own mental health issues. Self care is super important for you and your children. Take an extra few minutes for yourself in the car or bedroom to regroup before interacting with anyone.  Go for a walk around your house/yard, call a friend just to check in,or make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Do what you need to do, to give your family the best YOU, you can at this time. If you need extra support, PLEASE reach out! I am here to help.



Sheena Possin, LSW



Guide to self-care: coping with coronavirus

Mental Health and Coping During Coronavirus

Mental Health Support and COVID 19

Crisis Textline

Suicide Prevention Life Line

South Central Crisis Center