Welcome to the GE Art Studio
with Mrs. Wik

This is a new year with many new ADVENTURES.

2023 E-Learning Assignments.

4th grade - Choose something to draw in your house and color in your picture using your best coloring skills.

5th hour Art - you have the choice of the 3 options below. For each option you need to work for at least 45min. per day and on a blank page that is 8.5x11in. In each case, take a photo when you are done with each day, so if we have several E-Learning days in a row, I can see the progress of each day.

Option 1 - Sill Life Drawing- choose 3 or more objects and draw/paint in detail with shading.  

Option 2 - Draw a creative Zentangle that has at least 10 different patterns (use a search for Zentangle step-by-step to find the patterns.)

Option 3 - If you have your project at home work on it, but remember to take both before and after photos.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

 I hope you have a wonderful Day! 

Contact: Christine Wik