In our classroom, we have three main rules: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe. As a whole class, we will come up with two-three “sub” rules that will fit under each. For example, under ‘Be Respectful,’ we may decide that ‘Don’t talk when someone else is talking’ would be a good fit. If these rules are broken, there will be consequences. There will be one warning. If it happens a second time, the child will have to take a break. If it happens a third time, the child will be sent to the principals office and parents will be called. I expect that each child will follow these rules we will create together. I understand that we all have bad days sometimes and that’s okay. I will do my best to work through these issues with the child as I want my classroom to be an environment where all children feel safe and welcomed.


Classroom Parties
Due to COVID-19, we are not planning on participating in classroom parties this year. If you are still able or would like to contribute the normal $6 party money fee, I will still be planning something special for each holiday that will abide by the social distancing rule. No volunteers or visitors will be allowed.



Students may celebrate their birthday by bringing in something small to share with classmates. If you choose to do this, below are some guidelines:

*Make it mini size if possible

*Treats must be store bought. Prepackaged treats such as fruit snacks or Little Debbie’s are strongly recommended.

*Please try and contact me (email, call, write a note) to let me know when you would like to bring the treats. We have students with birthdays in the same month, therefore I would like to try and help so everyone gets their deserved time.

*Please do not have your child bring birthday party invitations to school unless the whole class is invited. It is not fun to feel left out.

*I am not allowed to pass out a class list or contact information.

Newsletters & Communication

I will occasionally send home newsletters that will include important dates, reminders, and updates in our classroom. This is one way that I will communicate with parents/guardians. Every Friday, the student will be bringing home a ‘Friday Folder.’ This folder will include any work the student completed throughout the course of the week as well as any notes from me. Please feel free to send back any notes as well. These folders are to be returned to school the following Monday.