In first grade, we usually do not give number or percentage grades. Papers are marked with a sticker or happy face. Math tests will be scored with a percentage or fraction. Most assignments are used as a tool to check ongoing progress as a concept is learned. Daily Practice - most of the work done in first grade - is considered practice. A happy face, star, or sticker means your child understood most of the concept practiced. If your child does not understand an important concept, I will reteach it. The goal is for your child to understand each concept so that he/she can build new skills on a solid foundation.


Make-up tests

If your child is absent during a test, he/she will make-up the test during a time of day chosen by the teacher. Make-up tests will never be sent home to complete.


Report Cards

Report cards will be completed once a quarter and are based on social/emotional development, reading achievement, English achievement, math achievement, and achievement in specials classes. Each area will be represented as follows: S=satisfactory, N=needs improvement, X=area of concern, and N/A=has not been introduced.



First graders will participate in what is called the Northwest Evaluation Association, or NWEA testing. This will take place twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring. Dates are not yet set.


In this first grade class there will be no homework with the expectation that you are working with your child at home on academic subjects. You should be reading with your child at least 15 minutes every day. If a situation occurs at school where your child did not complete the required material during the day, it will be sent home in hopes that it will be completed. It will not be considered homework but is in the best benefit for your child to complete it. During the day, we will complete many practice activities and worksheets as a class and I would hate for your child to miss out on these important learning opportunities.