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Show and Tell!

October 1-7 is the week to bring a toy for show and tell!  Since many of the children have been wanting to bring toys more than once a month, I told them that they can bring a picture of their toy.  I also had the idea that if you can't print out a photo of the toy, just email it to me the day before show and tell and I'll display it on the smart board.

Every kindergartner will have Show and Tell once per week to meet the following Minnesota language standards:

          I can take part in group talks about topics.

          I can listen to and share with others.

          I can have conversations with others.

          I can ask and answer questions.

          I can describe people, places, things, and events.

          I can give details with pictures.

          I can speak clearly.
Show and Tell Schedule
Mondays:  If your child's first name begins with A.

Tuesdays:  If your child's first name begins with B.

Wednesdays:  If your child's first name begins with C.

Thursdays:  If your child's first name begins with a letter from D to I.

Fridays:  If your child's first name begins with a letter from J to Z.

          If your child is absent on their scheduled day, they will make it up when they return to school.

          When we have vacation days, the class will be notified about the schedule for that week.

What can my child bring for Show and Tell?
Your child will be able to bring a toy only one time per month (the first seven days of the month).  For the other Show and Tell days, your child may bring a photograph, page printed from a computer, drawing, or they may choose to just tell us about something.

Show and Tell will begin on Monday, September 9th.  Our "Upcoming Important Dates" web page will include the Show and Tell Schedule for the month of September.