My Philosophy:
I believe that all of my students can behave appropriately in my classroom.  Activities are planned to allow for active participation.  Students are expected to behave in a manner that is appropriate for a five year old child.  The following rules are our classroom rules.  They are worded in a manner that is easy for children to understand.  In order to guarantee your child, and all the students in my classroom the excellent learning climate they deserve, this is my plan to assure appropriate behavior and a positive learning environment.

My Classroom Rules:
1.  Listening Bodies: I will listen and follow directions.
2.  Raised Hands:  I will raise my hand to share ideas.
3.  Quiet Mouths:  I will use a soft voice.
4.  Walking Feet:  I will walk in school to be safe.
5.  Helping Hands:  I will use my hands for helping and not hurting.
6.  Caring Hearts:  I will use kind words.