My kindergarten goals are based on the Minnesota State Standards.  These goals are written in "I Can" statements that the children will be able to understand since they will be posted and discussed in class.


    Counting and Cardinality:
        I can count to 100 by ones and by tens.
        I can count on from any number.
        I can write the numbers 0 to 20.
        I can write a number to show how many are in a set of objects.
        I can use a number to tell how many.
        I can count objects one by one and say the number names in order.
        I know that the last number I say is how many objects I counted.  
        I know that the number of objects is the same no matter how they are counted.
        I know that as I count, the next number is one more.
        I can count up to 20 objects.
        I can tell if a group is greater than, less than, or equal to another group.
        I can compare two numbers between 1 and 10.
    Operations and Algebraic Thinking
        I can add and subtract in many ways.
        I can use objects or pictures to show a problem.
        I can show different ways to make a number that is less than or equal to 10.
        I can add numbers to make 10.
        I can add with numbers 0 to 5.
        I can subtract with numbers 0 to 5.

    Number and Operations in Base Ten
        I can show how the numbers 11 to 19 are make up of tens and ones.

    Measurement and Data
        I can describe an object's length and/or weight.
        I can use words to compare two objects.
        I can sort and count objects into groups.

        I can describe where objects are located.
        I can name shapes.
        I can describe shapes as flat or solid.
        I can describe how flat and solid shapes look.
        I can model shapes by building or drawing them.
        I can put together smaller shapes to make bigger shapes.


        Reading Standards for Literature
            I can ask and answer questions about what was read.
            I can retell a story.
            I can name the characters, settings, and events in a story.
            I can ask and answer questions and words I do not know in a story.
            I can tell the difference between stories, poems, and other things to read.
            I can tell about the author and the illustrator of a story.
            I can tell how the story and the pictures go together.
            I can compare characters and events from different stories.
            I can take part in group reading activities.

        Reading Standards for Informational Text
            I can ask and answer questions about what I read.
            I can tell the topic and details of a story.
            I can tell how two people, places, or things are connected in a story.
            I can ask and answer questions about words I do not know in a story.
            I can name the parts of a book.
            I can name the author and the illustrator and tell what they do.
            I can tell how the pictures and the words go together.
            I can tell what the author is thinking and why.
            I can compare two stories.
            I can take part in group reading activities.
        Reading Standards Foundational Skills
            I can tell how a book is organized.  
            I can follow words from left to right, top to bottom,  and page by page.
            I know that written words represent spoken words.        
            I know that words are separated by spaces in print.
            I can use words, syllables, and sounds.
            I can name words that rhyme.
            I can count and say syllables in words.
            I can put together word parts.
            I can take apart word parts. 
            I know and can name all of the letters of the alphabet.       
            I can read CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words.
            I can say each sound of a word.
            I can change sounds in words to make new words.
            I can decode words.
            I know the sounds of each consonant.
            I can spell words with short and long vowel sounds.
            I can read sight words.
            I can tell how two words that sound alike are different.
            I can understand what I read.

        Writing Standards
            I can use pictures and words to tell what I think about a topic or a book.
            I can use pictures and words to tell about a topic.
            I can use pictures and words to tell about the events in a story.  I can tell the events in
            order.  I can tell how the story made me feel.
            I can answer questions about what I write.
            I can use a computer to write and publish a story.
            I can work with others to read and write about a topic.
            I can use what I know or learn to answer questions.

        Speaking and Listening Standards
            I can take part in group talks about topics and stories.
            I can listen to and share with others.
            I can have conversations with others.
            I can ask and answer questions about what was read.
            I can ask and answer questions about what was said.
            I can describe people, places, things, and events.
            I can give details with pictures.
            I can speak clearly.
        Language Standards
            I can write and speak well.
            I can print uppercase and lowercase letters.
            I can write and say familiar words.
            I can say words that tell more than one.
            I can use question words.
            I can use prepositions.
            I can use complete sentences.
            I can write sentences.
            I can capitalize the first word in a sentence and the pronoun I.
            I can name punctuation marks.
            I can write a letter or letters for consonant and short vowel sounds.
            I can spell simple words.
            I know the meanings of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases.
            I can learn new meanings for words I know.
            I can use prefixes and suffixes to find the meaning of an unknown word.
            I can understand relationships between words and their meanings.
            I can sort objects into groups.
            I can use and understand verbs and adjectives by knowing their opposites.
            I can make connections between words and their use.
            I can act out words to show I understand what they mean.
            I can use words that I have learned through reading and talking about what I read.