Sarah Gehring
American Government
Throughout American Government you will receive the knowledge of what differentiates American government from other forms of governments found around the globe. You will be given the tools needed to help you engage yourself civically and become a change agent in your community.
Economics is the study of the choices and decisions people make about how to use the world’s resources. Understanding economics will help you make informed decisions for yourself and assess the decisions made by others. Throughout Economics you will understand key economic principles and see how those principles are put into action in the real world.
United States History - 11th
This year you will explore some of the key events in American history. You’ll encounter fascinating people, hear the words of those who witnessed the events, and think about issues that have recurred throughout our past. History is not just the names, dates and places where things happened. It’s the story of real people, living real lives, making life-changing decisions. In this class you will gain the skills and background you need to appreciate the past and to help prepare you to play your part in the history to come. It will give you a chance to reflect on the past, to see how the past influences the present, and to consider how you can make a difference for the future.
World History
Throughout this World History course a basic knowledge will be given of major eras, events, and themes which have appeared throughout the known history of the globe. A better understanding of these eras, events, and themes will allow you to better understand why “things are the way they are” today and help to show you, as a global citizen, ways to be a change agent in the world around you.
World Geography
Few people get to travel across the whole earth, seeing all of the world’s sights. Yet everyone can explore the world through photographs & maps. Throughout World Geography you will gather facts, names, & data about nations & lands of the earth. You will gain a feel for & an appreciation of the richness & the variety of the face of our planet.
Throughout this course you will gain a better understanding of democracy & what it means to be a United States citizen including your rights and responsibilities. You will also learn about our United States Constitution & how our government works.
United States History - 7th
Global Studies