Classroom Rules
We all have rights as members of our school community.   We also have responsibilities as members of our school community. That means we need to act in appropriate ways to help us be successful at school and we have rules to help guide us. Our classroom rules, and some examples, are below:
Be Respectful                     
What does “Being Respectful” look like?:  
Having a winning attitude
       Listening carefully to others
       Paying attention during class instruction and activities
       Following directions
       Using a quiet voice
       Telling the truth
       Treating others kindly 
       Listening to others opinions and feelings
       Using appropriate and positive language 

Be Responsible                  
What does “Being Responsible” look like?:       
Doing your best
       Using materials appropriately
       Following classroom routines
      Completing daily work and tasks
Cleaning up 
      Working well with others
      Being prepared
      Being on time
      Filling out you planner (older students)                                  
Be Safe                                 
What does “Being Safe” look like?:                     
Keeping your hands and feet to yourself
     Organizing your materials
     Sitting appropriately (example: not rocking back on your chair)
     Moving appropriately around the school 
           (examples: not running or walking backward)
Token Economy
How does the system work?  Students can earn tickets for positive behaviors. Each student will have a container “bank” in which they can store their tickets earned during the week. Tickets can then be used to buy items like pencils, erasers, small toys, certificates for free time, certificates for pop or candy, etc.. 
Students can earn one ticket for each rule per day, which makes a total of three rule tickets.
Throughout the day, students will have the opportunity to earn tickets for positive behaviors.  Tickets may also be lost for inappropriate behavior. A verbal warning will be given before each ticket is taken.
At the end of the week, each student will have the opportunity to redeem tickets with the classroom store.
What are the consequences?
When a student’s behavior goes against classroom rules, consequences will include:
1st occurrence: verbal warning
2nd occurrence: lose a ticket for the rule that has been broken
3rd occurrence: call to parent
Repeated occurrences or misbehaviors will have additional consequences, depending on the type and severity of behaviors. Some additional types of consequences may include:
                     -- recess detention
                     -- additional ticket fine
                     -- after-school detention (to be arranged with parents)
                     -- conference with Principal or Dean of Students
                     -- time-out
                     -- loss of privilege(s)
                     -- action sheet (sheet student completes about their choice of behavior)
                     -- parent conference