Welcome To Our 8th Grade Distance Learning Classroom!
How the Online Classroom Works

The projects will be listed under assignments with the most recent information on top. So, if you missed a class please scroll down and complete the lessons you missed, as well as, the assignments we are currently working on. (I will be updating the assignments here, but sometimes additions and/or corrections will come after class depending on how the class progresses.)

Important Notes To Remember (Additions will come as needed.)

Your assignments will be turned by updating your Website (under sketchbook or projects) or Google Slideshow (It needs to be in the file I created and shared with you.).

 *When turning in assignments via Google, email or this website, you need to make sure files are titled correctly so I can identify who"s work it is and I can read the file. File need to be titled using capitals and lower cases as shown below:

                                      First Name  Last Name  Project Name  Grade# .file format requested in the directions

Examples with different file formats:  

MrsWik FunnyFace Grade8.jpg          MrsWik FunnyFace Grade8.png       MrsWik FunnyFace Grade8.pdf      MrsWik FunnyFace Grade8.doc