The August 19th, 2020 Parent Letter from Mr. Shanks can be found HERE. All future letters will also be available on the "Return to School Plan/Info" Page under the "Letters to Parents" section.

Ms. Schroeder's schedule and Zoom information is:
Password = melody
9:30 (Mon, Wed. every other Friday) - Kindergarten Grade Zoom (ID: 990 0419 3299): Kindergarten Music!! 
9:30 (Tues., Thurs., every-other-Friday) - 1st Grade Zoom (972 7908 9434): First Grade Music!! 
10:00 (Mon., Wed., every-other-Friday) - 2nd Grade Grade Zoom (938 9344 7880): Second Grade Music!!
10:00 (Tues., Thurs., every-other-Friday) - 3rd Grade Zoom(928 9840 9937): Third Grade Music!! 

1. Click on this link to find Choral Public Domain Library
2. Find TWO songs that you like that would be a good fit for our choir 
3. Fill out the Google form listed below about those two songs and whyyy you picked them! 


Contact: Ms. Schroeder