Happy National Mutt Day!!!
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Soprano December Practice Track 
Soprano December Practice Audio 
Alto December Practice Track
Alto December Practice Audio 
Baritone December Practice Track 
Baritone December Practice Audio 


Soprano Seasons Greetings Practice Track 
Alto & Baritone Seasons Greetings Practice Track 

My name is Ms. Schroeder:D I love national holidays because they remind us that there is something special to celebrate every single day, I love music because we can learn so much with and from it and it tells so many incredible stories, and I love all of the amazing students and staff I have been able to meet here at Glenville-Emmons

I recently graduated from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa! I studied music education and music therapy. This year I am blessed to teach Preschool, Kindergarten, Second Grade, Fourth, Middle School and High School choir as well as music therapy services! 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out! My email is , you can reach the music room by using the extension 8204 (Elementary) OR 8122 (High School).

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High School Choir 


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