Other Information​

*A folder will be sent home and brought back to school daily (the left side will be labeled “leave at home” and the right side “bring back” to help with knowing which papers need to return to school completed. ​

* Notes will go home whenever there is an upcoming event or a change in date of an event. ​

Class Parties ​

We will be having 3 class parties The party dates are as listed: ​

Halloween: Monday, October 31st​

Christmas: Wednesday, December 21st​

Valentine’s Day: Tuesday, February 14th​


Birthday treats may be brought to school (eaten during our snack time). Treats must be store bought and enough for every child in class. ​

**For birthday invitations: unless every child in the class is invited, invitations will not be allowed to be passed out at school. Take care of this outside of school as stated in the Student Handbook. If there is not an invitation for everyone, the invitations will be sent back home with the individual who brought them.​


ALL visitors entering the building must stop at the office, sign-in, and have a visitors badge. When leaving, visitors must sign-out in the office also.​

If you are interested in visiting, please let Miss Tukua know in advance. ​