Reading Homework​

Everyday your student will be expected to read for a minimum of 20 minutes at home. This will greatly impact their success in school. Reading 20 minutes per day has been found to expose children to 1,800,000 words per year compared to peers that read 5 minutes or less a day with only 282,000 words per year. I really stress the importance of reading both at school and at home. This 20 minutes of reading will be recorded on the Reading Log that is sent home monthly and initialed by a parent or guardian daily.​

Spelling Homework​

There will be a spelling test each week. These words will align with the reading curriculum “Journeys”. Spelling words will be sent home on Friday and students are expected to study and practice these words at home. Each week, we will take a practice spelling test on Wednesday. The actual spelling test will be on Friday (or the last day of a short week). (If a student gets all of the spelling words correct during the practice test, they will not have to take the spelling test on Friday!) Starting the second week of school, we will begin taking spelling tests. By focusing on these words, your child will become a better speller, reader, and writer. Try mixing up the order of the words when studying. Please make sure your child practices writing their spelling words every day as well. ​

Math Homework

The Home Connections book for Bridges Math Curriculum will align with what we are working on in class. An email will go home with what pages students should work on when assigned. (This will not be daily. Some lessons do not have workbook pages and some do.)

Other Homework​

Other homework and projects will be sent home occasionally. In addition, if a student doesn’t finish an assignment that they were given time a reasonable amount of time to do during class, that will also be sent home to be returned completed.