Behavior System​

In 2nd grade, we will be using a positive behavior system called “Brag Tags”. Brag tags are incentive tags that your child can earn for positive behavior and choices that he/she makes during the school day. The tags are placed on a necklace that is kept at school. The tags will be sent home periodically. ​

Brag tags are earned when the teacher notices a choice or behavior that is done by a student that exceeds expectations. Brag tags can be earned by many things. Some of these may include: 100% on a test, helping others, good listening, etc. I strongly believe in positive reinforcement in my classroom and this is one method we will use this year to encourage positive choices and hard work.​

Rules for Brag Tags that students are expected to follow:​

1. Brag tags are worn in the classroom only on Fridays (Not to lunch, recess, or gym).​

2. Miss Tukua will choose who receives and when tags are earned.​

3. Take care of your brag tags.​

4. Wear them, but don’t play with them. (Any teacher can ask you to take off your brag tag necklace if you’re playing with or not making good choices with your necklace.)​

5. You put the brag tags on yourself – friends can help too!​

Hard work pays off!​

Consequences for Problem Behavior​

  1. Verbal Warning​

  2. Verbal Warning​

  3. Asked to “take a break” for 5 minutes to regroup (designated spot in classroom)​

-If there becomes a consistent or serious problem behavior, an email or phone call will go home.