We have 3 classroom rules in order to stay on task and keep learning and growing​

In This Classroom We…. ​

Rule 1​

Show Respect​

Rule 2​

Make Good Choices​

Rule 3​

Solve Our Problems​



1) Show Respect: listen when others are talking, raising our hands to speak, being kind, being​

      polite, etc.​

2) Make Good Choices: following directions the first time we are told, always giving our best,​

             working and playing safely, etc.​

3) Solve Our Problems: using positive strategies to solve disagreements, utilizing skills to find ​

     the solution to a problem, finding the answer to a question using our ​

     knowledge and investigative skills, etc.  ​

*The teacher will model and assist the students with learning, practicing, and using their knowledge and social skills in order to become proficient at using these skills, which are valuable throughout their lives.​