Algebra 8: Syllabus

Algebra 8
8th Grade Algebra
Mrs. Klingfus, Room 116

Text: Algebra I. Published by Prentice Hall.

Course Description: This course will be an extension of topics introduced in 7th grade. We will be studying operations with rational numbers, equations and inequalities, properties of exponents, systems of equations, graphing, and more.

Required Materials: These materials are to be with you everyday unless told otherwise.
* Textbook * Pencils, pencils, and pencils
* 3-ring binder * Loose-leaf paper
* Folder (optional) * Pen for correcting/notetaking
* Scientific calculator (will be used sparingly)

Notebook (Binder): Your binder/notebook for the year will be your supplement to the text. Taking notes is not an option! Your notes will consist of definitions and examples. Your binder is to be used as a reference tool for your daily assignments and a study guide for quizzes and tests. The purpose of keeping the binder is to teach you organizational skills, as well as provide you with an excellent reference guide.

Notebook Quiz: You will have periodic unannounced notebook quizzes as my check that you are taking notes as you should. This is a quiz of your notes – not someone else’s. This should be the easiest grade you earn all year. You will not receive full credit if you do not have your notes with you.

Bell Ringers: On most days there will be a short problem or question for you to answer in your binder, usually about the previous day’s topic, at the beginning of class. These are to be done independently. These will be collected and graded periodically.

Assignments: You can expect an assignment almost everyday in class. Your daily work is to be completed in an orderly manner with all work shown. I will accept late work as stated in the handbook (5 school days). Late work will not receive full credit. You will not receive full credit for assignments that are not labeled properly, does not have all work shown, is not done in pencil, and not done on loose leaf paper. All assignments will be based on the above conditions and completeness and given a score from 0 – 5.

Tests/Quizzes: You will have at least one or two quizzes per chapter and a test after every chapter with the possibility of cumulative ones in between. Vocabulary quizzes will be given after every few chapters. You will be given a list ahead of time to make sure you are studying the correct terms. You will also have notebook quizzes as mentioned above.

Make-up work: It is your responsibility to find out what you have missed if you are absent. This includes any notes and assignments. Any notes missed may be gotten from a classmate or the teacher within a day or two of being absent - not the day of a quiz. Your make-up work is expected to be completed on time. If it is a school related absence or known absence, you are expected to find out what you will miss ahead of time and have it completed prior to leaving or upon your return. If you miss a test or quiz you will be expected to make it up in a minimal amount of time or you will have points deducted. If you are absent the day before a test you will be expected to take the test. The test schedule is always posted on the board well in advance.
Cheating: Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in a zero for anyone involved.

Grading: The following grading scale will be used.

A 96-100% B+ 87-89% C+ 77-79% D+ 68-69%
A- 90-95% B 83-86% C 73-76% D 66-67%
B- 80-82% C- 70-72% D- 60-65%

The components of your grade will consist of daily work, bell ringers, quizzes, tests, and daily points. You will be given grades sheets periodically to be taken home and signed. Signatures will be worth points.

Extra Credit: In general, I do not give much extra credit so do not ask. Extra credit points are built into tests and quizzes that everyone has the same opportunity to earn. You may also earn extra points by having remaining passes at the end of each quarter (see below). There may be a few other opportunities throughout the year.

Study Habits/Help: Homework is an essential part of the learning process and must be completed on a daily basis in order to progress. Do not “wait until it is too late” to come in for extra help if you need it. I will be available before and after school on most days. My schedule will be posted weekly as to when I am available before and after school. You may also access for extra help.

Classroom Guidelines: No one is allowed to interfere with another student’s learning or the teacher’s job of teaching. Please abide by the following rules:
• Be on time and ready to go at the start of class. This does not mean entering the room as class begins.
• Listen and follow directions the first time given.
• Be respectful to everyone and everything.
• Be responsible for your own actions.
• Be prepared for class by having all appropriate materials.

Discipline: You will be assigned detention (typically ½ hour) for any behavior/action that I feel warrants it. Failing to serve in the assigned time (within 5 days) will result in the time being doubled with a possible office referral and/or Saturday detention.

Food and Drink: There will be no food or candy allowed in the room or you will be asked to throw it away (not put it in your locker or shove it in your mouth). Refusal to do so will result in detention. Gum is allowed as long as I don’t hear it or see it. You may have bottled clear WATER (no colored water and must have a cap) to drink.

Passes: You will be given 4 tickets at the beginning of each quarter. This will be your pass out of class. Once/if you have used all 4, you may not leave the room again unless someone else is nice enough to give you one of theirs. All unused passes may be turned in at the end of the quarter for extra points. Plan accordingly.

Student Handbook: Policies regarding attendance, tardies, cell phones and any other items may be found in the student handbook. Please refer to this for any other questions/guidelines.

And last but not least - HAVE A GREAT YEAR

Please read through the syllabus so you know what the expectations are for your child throughout the year. Sign and return this page with your child ASAP as it will be worth points. Thanks!

I have read and gone through the syllabus with my child.

(Student name) (Grade)

(Parent/Guardian signature) (Date)

Contact information for ___________________________________: (student name)

PLEASE indicate with an asterisk (*) which would be the preferred method of contact and I will do my best to accommodate.

Primary contact information:

Email: Home________________________________________________________
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Phone: Home _________________________ Cell ______________________
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Secondary contact information (if primary cannot be reached):

Email: Home________________________________________
Phone: Home _________________________ Cell ______________________
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