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Sherry Adams - Community Education Director

Phone: 507-402-3261

Welcome to our Community Ed Website. We are always looking for exciting and interesting classes to offer. If you have an idea for a class, or if you would be interested in teaching a class, please give me a call.
Sherry Adams


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4th-6th Boys Borderline League Baseball
Baseball Registration is due Friday, March 18th.
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Girls Coach Pitch Softball Registration Form
Join our 1st-3rd grade girls for a fun summer of softball.
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Summer T-Ball Registration Form
4 yr. old preschoolers and Kindergartners are welcome to join T-Ball this summer. This is the class that they are presently in, this spring.
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4th-6th Girls Borderline League Softball
Borderline League Softball registrations are due March 18th.
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