Welcome to Glenville-Emmons Activities

Greeting from the desk of Craig Rayman. On this site you will find information concerning activities, transportation, and driver education at Glenville-Emmons.

You will also find information concerning the Glenville-Emmons Athletic Boosters, Glenville Fire Department, and Firearm Safety Training.

Here is my schedule for online distance learning:

Monday / Wednesday   8:10-9:30 1st hour  6th grade PE
                                      9:40-11:00 3rd   hour  9th grade PE
                                      11:00-11:15  D/APE   TE  & DM
                                       11:15-11:30  D/APE   MH
                                      12:00-1:20   5th hour
                                       1:30-2:50   7th hour

Tuesday / Thursday     8:10-9:30    2nd hour 
                                      9:40-11;00   4th hour  Life time Fitness  11th graders
                                      11:00-11:15  D/APE  MB
                                      11:15-12:00  Lunch
                                     12:00-1:20   Office hours
                                      1:30-2:50  6th hour  Study Hall ???

Friday                          8:10-9:40  7th grade Advisory               

Contact: raymanc@geschools.com