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Welcome To Our Online 3rd Grade Classroom!
Full Distance Information
During this time students have two options for completing assignments.
Click here for the Art Project Sheet and class info.

Option 1 - Join Mrs. Wik for art on all scheduled days and see demonstrations, friends, ask questions, share your creations, and turn in your projects via the class section of the website. We will be working on the projects listed on the ART project card.

Option 2 - Join Mrs. Wik Zoom class to ask questions and share work, but only once in a while as needed. Still working on the ART project card. Turn in at least one project every three to four class periods. They can be done in any order. Turn in your projects via the dropbox under your class section of Mrs. Wik’s website.

For both options, students can work on additional projects in their free time and upload more than the required. (Art is a  fun way to pass the time when stuck inside.)

If you need help and/or have any questions for Mrs.Wik please feel free to email her at

How the Online Classroom Works (In General)

The projects will be listed under assignments with the most recent information on top. So, if you missed a class please scroll down and complete the lessons you missed first. Some assignments have multiple steps that need to be completed in order. (Students who are distance learning will have a choice between completing the same assignment we are working on in class or completing the Artist Bingo card and choosing projects that fit your current situation and the materials you have available. This option will be uploaded after we complete the funny face project and the photography project.)

Important Notes To Remember (Additions will come as needed.)

 *When turning in assignments you need to make sure files are titled correctly so I can identify whos work it is and I can read the file.
File need to be titled using capitals and lower cases as shown below:

                                      First Name  Last Name  Project Name  Grade# .file format requested in the directions

Examples with different file formats:  

MrsWik FunnyFace Grade3.jpg          MrsWik FunnyFace Grade3.png       MrsWik FunnyFace Grade3.pdf      MrsWik FunnyFace Grade3.doc